Our Story

Our Trusted Story

How constant neck pain and skyrocket insurance premiums sparked an entire company.

Co-Founder Timothy suffered from chronic neck pain and it was becoming too costly to get the weekly treatments. Raised with a family of doctors, he witnessed first hand the rise of insurance and slashing of available treatments for patients. He too was becoming one of those patients. He knew there had to be an affordable and easier way to treat his problem. So began his extensive search of buying and testing out all kinds of home therapy products.

While searching the online websites it was obvious they were dated and lacked all kinds of personal touches. Adding to the frustration was that all the information he required was hard to come by. Finally fed up with the quality and service of the available items on the market, he set out to create his own.

Consulting with family and friends in the medical industry, he developed what would soon become Trusted Medical Solutions first product. He just didn’t know it yet.

Lunch With Friends Can Lead To Great Things!

At a lunch with close friend John, Timothy told him about the item he had developed for his neck pain. John mentioned to Timothy that he had a similar experience while trying to find something to help with his work related back issues. At that moment they both agreed they might be onto something!

John came from the world of computer engineering and had the same feelings about how dated many of the medical websites were and the difficulty of finding accurate information. John declared, “It feels like these websites only cater to the hospitals and large businesses. How do I even begin to contact someone or ask the right questions? There needs to be a company that caters to the individuals who are trying to find ways to make their lives more comfortable, not making more money for hospitals!”

And just like that Trusted Medical Solutions was born!


Slow And Steady Wins The Race...

The Trusted brand has grown into multiple products and prides itself on it's "Customer First" approach.

"We have never lost sight of our own frustrations that led us to creating this company. Of course we could just clutter our company and website with tons of products, but that would be against what we stand for. Our goal is to find new innovative ways to reinvent products in oder for our customers to achieve relief from the comfort of their own homes,” highlighted John.

Both founders love the direction the company is going. Timothy points out, “It’s more than creating a business, we are creating a family here as well. Nothing gives us more joy than hearing from a customer that we have helped to provide relief and a more comfortable life! It affrims to us that we are doing the right thing here and pushes us to even work harder."

Paying It Forward!

It feels awesome to give back! We have partnered with some amazing charities that are making the world a better place. A portion of every item you purchase form Trusted Medical Solutions goes to helping out one of our charities achieve their mission. You can learn more about the charities we are working with by clicking the link…..LEARN MORE!

We truly appreciate you taking your time to learn more about us! Hopefully you too will become part of the Trusted family! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have.